Valentine’s Day Damage Report 2017

Online dating can be tough enough. But now we know what makes it even more stressful: people who’ve tried online dating are 47 percent more likely to break their phones. Which means your search for a reliable partner might also include looking for the most reliable, most rugged smartphone.

How long do cell phones last? Not as long if you’re an online dater. (Sorry to, um, break it to you.) But longer if you have the protection that’s backed by phone durability tests like the iPhone damage test. (Score!)

Want to avoid a break up? There might be no such thing as the best unbreakable phone, but you can learn how to protect your cell phone screen from breaking. So if you’re looking for your one true love (a.k.a. the most durable cell phone), look deep into SquareTrade’s eyes.

valentines day damage report 2017
valentines day damage report 2017 mobile

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