Super Bowl Damage Report 2017

In this year’s battle to be the best, two things are certain: more fans are rooting for the Falcons in the Super Bowl, and Patriots fans are likely to do way more damage. To their phones.

How to break a phone? Pats fans have that covered. They might think they have the most indestructible phone, but Pats fans are 17% more likely to have damaged theirs this past year. And how much does a smartphone cost? Let’s not even go there.

Whether you’re ready to send your most durable cell phone, most reliable smartphone or the most rugged smartphone into the Super Bowl, there’s nothing you can do about the fact that 30 million Americans have damaged their smartphone while watching or playing sports. Research how phones are made and the most sturdy cell phone if you want, but even durable cell phones — and not even the most durable phone case — stand no chance against beer spills, spiked footballs and body slams.

square trade super bowl research 2017
square trade super bowl research 2017 mobile

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