Kids Break Stuff Damage Report 2015

Got a kiddo at home? That almost guarantees you’ve got a laptop, tablet or phone at home that’s been broken by a kiddo, too. #kidsbreakstuff

Nearly all — 89 percent — of U.S. families report having this problem. And they’ve spent $11 trying to fix it. (The devices, that is.) And if parents aren’t leading the charge in searching for best durable phone, best smartphone brand and best durable phone case, we’d be really surprised.

After all, if 70 percent of elementary-school kids have tablets at home and 55 percent of damages happen because of dropped devices, the need for the most durable smartphone on the market has never been greater. But until kids no longer throw tantrums, drink juice and use finger paint, thank goodness SquareTrade is here to get yours that much closer to being the most rugged smartphone.

infographic Kids Break Stuff
infographic Kids Break Stuff mobile

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