Holiday Damage Report 2015

Full of yuletide cheer? Your technology might not be. Holiday shopping, parties and more can lead to all kinds of device drops, breaks and drownings. No wonder that search for the perfect party dress coincides with an uptick for searches like “essential phone scratch test,” “how to stop a phone screen from cracking more” and “iPhone versus Samsung lifespan.” How else will you know if your phone can survive the holiday season?

And new devices top the list of this year’s most-desired gifts. Smartphones take the biggest share at 25 percent, and tablets and drones aren’t far behind. Plus, gift-givers and “Dear Santa” list-makers alike agree on one thing: iPhone durability, the most durable Android phone and the most reliable cell phone are up at the top of the list, too. Wish you could wrap up the most indestructible phone and put a bow on it? You can — with SquareTrade.

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