About SquareTrade Labs

When it comes to new devices and technology, there are plenty of resources that review cameras, apps, storage, and other features and functionality. But what about breakability? Enter SquareTrade Labs, durability the research arm of SquareTrade, the highly rated protection plan provider.

Our rigorous, science-based breakability tests score devices based on their relative durability, and our independent consumer research provides real-life data on how people break (or don’t break) their tech. We then share this information widely—our findings have been featured in many major media outlets in the US and around the globe.

Our mission is to help consumers make informed decisions about buying and protecting their devices. And as technology advances and devices become smarter, more fragile, and more expensive to repair—this mission is more relevant than ever.


Visit our Press Center or contact SquareTrade press at press@squaretrade.com