iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Breakability

iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Breakability

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Device Durability
Research Team

Device Durability
Research Team

SquareTrade Labs is the durability research arm of SquareTrade, the highly rated protection plan provider. Our mission is to help consumers make more informed decisions about buying and protecting their devices.

Mobile Breakability

SquareTrade Labs tests
smartphone durability.

The $250 billion smartphone industry is constantly launching new models that are smarter, bigger, and more advanced than their predecessors. Many claim to be the most durable smartphone, or even an indestructible phone, but with so many people still easily damaging their phones that seems unlikely—it’s easy to crack your phone when shatterproof screens don’t really exist.

So, what are the most durable phones, and THE most durable phone?

To answer this, we created SquareTrade Labs.

In our lab, test bots give each phone a Breakability Score based on a series of tests designed to simulate the most common accidents. Designed to test very specific metrics, the bots were created in collaboration with an award-winning robotics scientist. This data is so valuable because before making a significant investment in a new phone it’s important to separate fact from fiction—are there really any phones with unbreakable screens?

Seeing the trials and test results are definitely more helpful than googling “drop phone” or “drop phone on face.” Maybe it can withstand a drop, or maybe the most durable phone case wouldn’t save it.

SquareTrade finds each phone’s breaking point before you do, so you can choose wisely.

Consumer Research

SquareTrade Labs
knows how stuff breaks.

We know how to break things. With ruthless and repetitive precision, SquareTrade simulates common accidents to find every device’s vulnerabilities. This is powerful information because by knowing how to break a phone, we’re able to determine the most durable smartphone, and the most durable phones in general. Many claim to be the best cell phone brand, or the best durable phone, but our tests reveal their true strengths and weaknesses.

Through extensive trials and research, we’re constantly testing the top competitors to see which one is really the most durable phone. With high price tags and lifestyles that depend on devices, it’s crucial to know what the most reliable smartphone is.

Being able to clearly identify the most durable smartphone, or the most durable cell phones in general, is helpful but our research also extends to the who, what, where, when and how of breaking:

– Are online daters more likely to break their phone?
– What are the most common accidents involving pets?

Clearly all need-to-know information. You can easily find answers online to questions like…how much does a smartphone cost, or how long do cell phones last, but our valuable data can only be found here. To help bring this information to life, our SquareTrade Labs division created fun, relevant infographics for the people we are and know: parents, pet owners, sports fans, holiday shoppers, and more.

Finding the most durable cell phone is an unrelenting process we’re fully committed to. We’re also invested in creating more awareness in how to not drop your phone by putting everything we know about people dropping their phones into infographics. We’re probably not the best resource if you need an answer to how are phones made…but for information about the most rugged smartphone, or most reliable cell phone, we’re probably the best resource in the world.